Hatchetfield - Chibi Blinky Mini Plush

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Meet Chibi Blinky, your new favorite ugly-cute inter-dimensional evil entity, now in a soft and squishy 8 inch package! Get your very own limited edition mini-plush straight from Hatchetfield and Uncle Wiley Toys!

Act fast! Limited quantities available! 

Customer Reviews

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made so incredibly well and is literally my favorite item in the whole wide world now

Alice Woodward
Wont leave me alone?!?

The mascot for this thing kept following me around when i was at a theme park with my dad. That was when we had a really bad relationship. Something horrible happened at that theme park, we dont talk about it, we're better now. Anyways, this doll showed up on our doorstep and I don't understand how because Watcher World doesn't deliver prizes also we havent been there in a year. Super weird, it also won't go away. Please help!!!

A Name
Guys it keeps looking at me

So I got this thing from watcher world the other day, pretty good quality but… it just keeps staring at me. I turned it around because of how creepy it was, and now it’s back to staring it me. It’s like wherever I go it finds me, and just watches me….
Anyways 10/10

oh dear
this is everything ive ever wanted

so i was just walking around watcher world and this carnival worker told me i could like...hit a thing with a hammer for a prize? idk, anyways, saw some middle aged man drop like 2k trying to win it, i ended up winning one of these guys tho. im p sure that man was on smthn.

Watcher World Admin
Please send help

The train is never leaving from Drowsytown. This was the one throughline I could find to get out. Please, whoever you are, I can’t be snoogled here. I’ve cried so many times, and I could feel each tear awaking him. The doll is him. And he is the dolls. Can anyo

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