Black Friday - Tickle-Me Wiggly Plush Doll

Product image 1Black Friday - Tickle-Me Wiggly Plush Doll
Product image 2Black Friday - Tickle-Me Wiggly Plush Doll

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Don't forget about the Chibi Wiggly Mini-Plush - now available for all your evil-plush needs! 

Be his fwendy-wend!

Rub his belly-well!

Tickle his tumsy-wumsy!

This limited edition Tickle-Me Wiggly 12 inch plush doll comes straight from Hatchetfield and Uncle Wiley Toys.

Customer Reviews

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Rain the nerdy prude
Please restock

I need it. Please restock. I'm a collector and owning something like this would be really cool.

Wiggog Y'wrath
Helped me take over the world :)

Let me just say, this fwendy wend might be the greatest invention of all time, it was really awesome when this cutey patootie helped me take over the world! Not sure why hes being sold though... but would you be a pally wal and restock please?

Stephanie Lauter
Scared me to death!

SO, my friends and I accidentally demonized this jock and we had to summon the Lords in Black to get rid of him. Wiggly was WAYYY out of line. He told me I had to shoot my boyfriend to get rid of Max. Little did we know all we had to do was let Grace Chastity do “it” with the ghost.

Barb Larvernor
My new invention..

I bought this doll on Cynthia's request, but shortly after unpackaging it felt as if i subliminally had the urge to turn this cute fluffy doll into a new gadget, and before I knew it the doll started telling me step-by-step instructions of how to manually turn him into a gun. How could I resist? Wait until Curt hears about this..


So I bought this 'doll' for my girlfriend, February, and it was fine until a few days ago when all of a sudden this doll burst into our hive wearing pink sunglasses and shooting everything with a machine gun. PLEASE HELP cos I think it shot our robot, mega girl, and now tootsie mega girl won't stop crying and whilst I'm trying to defeat the doll, our commander up won't get off my lap making things so hard! Aswell as a review this is also a cry for help. Please G.L.E.E, save us!

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Wiggly Restock! 🍏📦👀

Uncle Wiley's come through with a new batch of Wiggly dolls! Stock is very limited, so get one (or four) of your own now before they're gone!

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